Monday, July 4, 2011

An excellent read!

Reading is such a joy in my life and I wanted to share this with others who may feel the same way.  I just finished Consolation by Anna Gavalda - I loved it!  It is an excellent holiday read!  Her books have such wide appeal, even though they are originally written in French, and have been translated into many languages.

My Swiss friend introduced me to this author a couple of years ago, with her book Hunting and Gathering (Thanks Anne!) and I fell in love with the flawed, real characters, the aching unsaidness of new love and the absolute bliss when it all comes together - in a very European way, of course.

 Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We are more alike than we are different

"Hang on to the inner body, let it be the anchor, then you're present. If they say something challenging and you lose it again, pause, and anchor again. Practice, practice, continuous practice - because when you're in touch with the inner body, spaciousness arises." - Eckhart Tolle

"Be Still, And Know That I Am God." - Psalm 46:10

Two different ways of putting it. Meaning the same thing.  My dream for the world is the realisation that we are more alike than we are different: A felt sense of connection, godliness, spaciousness, greatness, an honouring of each other, a respect, love, compassion, understanding and support. We will reveal ourselves as love, little pieces of God, if you like.

I think it was Neale Donald Walsch that said that all the wars and aggression on earth is due to language difficulties, misunderstandings because we believe that we are so different and only a few of us doing the right thing will ascend, go to heaven.  The real difference lies in the way we express the same concept, not the concept itself.  Love does not change its face when we call it aime (French), lieb (German), lief (Afrikaans), amo (Latin), amore (Italian).   In the same way Love does not change its face when we call it God, Yaweh, Allah, Oneness, All That Is.  Its just language describing the same concept.

Diana Cooper writes of the importance of holding a vision for humanity in the future, not only for ourselves as individuals:  

The Vision Prayer 

I have a vision where all people are at peace, fed and 
housed, every child is loved and educated to develop their 
talents, where the heart is more important than the head 
and wisdom is revered over riches.

In this world justice, equality and fairness rule.
Nature is honoured, so the waters flow pure and clear and
the air is fresh and clean.  Plants and trees are nurtured
and the animals are respected and treated with kindness.
Happiness and laughter prevail.

And humans walk hand in hand with angels.
Thank you for the love, understanding, wisdom, courage
and humility to do my part to spread the light.
May all the world ascend.
So be it.

So what can you do?  Well, she recommends the following:

1. Bring your own life into peace and harmony.  Your energy will then automatically lift the vibrations of everyone with whom you come into contact.

2. Recognise that everyone is equal and treat them as such.

3. Honour all life forms on the planet, from rocks, insects and plants to animals and humans.

4. Give no energy to fear, darkness or mass hysteria.  Instead focus on the good, the wise and great, so that it expands.

5. Visualise everyone throughout the world living in peace and love.

6. Walk with you feet on the earth and your head in the heavens.

Love it!  And if thoughts create your reality, and enough of us do this, imagine the effect you would have on the world, one starfish at a time.