Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Birth rebirth

Tomorrow is my birthday and today I feel like I need to say thank you and goodbye to my 45th year on this magnificent planet.  You know, let go of some stuff and hello to some new stuff.  So, as this year is about appreciation for me....


I deeply appreciate my own growing sense of well-being, worthiness, strength, opening, learning, accepting, appreciating, loving, understanding, arting, working, playing, retreating, quietening, workshopping, bootcamping, yogaring, dancing, chatting, deeply connecting, empathizing, getting inspired, lightening up physically, mentally and emotionally, nourishing, embracing, receiving, saying yes when I wanted to say yes and no when I wanted to say no, calming down, writing, listening,being brave and vulnerable.   And for all the more difficult times and challenges that helped me to grow, expand, love more. I am grateful. Deeply grateful.

And for all the love, support, inspiration, gentleness, understanding, empathy, encouragement, pushing, shoving, pushing back, standing up, riding on, walking with, talking to, gifts, generosity and growth given to me by my family, friends, colleagues, clients, acquaintances and strangers. I am grateful.  Deeply grateful.



At this time and moving forward, I am willing to let go of hustling for worthiness, people-pleasing, performing, perfecting and be gentle and loving with myself instead,  to embrace and value myself, to be authentic and experience joy and expansion,and to move from an expanded sense of being, to move within my own flow and rhythm, to appreciate who I am and what I do, to nourish myself with vibrantly healthy stuff, to vibrate at a high frequency, to love accept and appreciate myself, others and the moment and to appreciate abundance in my life. Every. Single. Day.

Open-hearted.  Brave. Expressing. Creating.

Seeing the magic. Everywhere.