Friday, August 12, 2011


I have discovered that I am a commitment-phobe!  What a surprise to someone who has been with the same guy since I was 17!  Committing to a logo and an image of myself and what I wanted to say was a little overwhelming and really, really scary!  It felt so ... um ... long-term.  And a little too permanently defined for my liking.  I don't like being defined, caged and boxed.  So seeing this on paper brings up all that stuff... but a friend pointed out that I can change it at any time!  The Relief!!  And this is only for now and we change all the time...

So this is just one small part of what I do.... but I love it!

Get It! magazine for the September Issue

Thank you to Chantelle Hopewell for her generosity and patience and creativity in putting the art together...


  1. Oh yay! i can finally see it! i love it, so fresh and catchy! Well done!!! xxx