Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eckhart Tolle....in action

Eckhart Tolle's, as I have mentioned before (click here to Link to previous blog), resonates as profound truth to me.  I was on his website and found this little video which fully demonstrates how to handle fear, like a duck recovering from a fight, by SEPARATING THE THOUGHTS FROM THE EMOTION.  Sue Cooper says whilst you are meditating, just breathing in and just breathing out, you allow your emotions to arise WITHOUT ATTACHING A STORY TO THE EMOTION and this allows the emotion to be felt and then it naturally dissolves and you are left with an open heart, free of the thoughts or stories, free of the emotions attached to them.  

They speak of the same concept.  

If this sounds interesting to you, please follow the link below to watch his short video which answers the question: How do I lessen the pain or fear I feel?


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