Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jumping for Joy! - an ode to Groups

I belong to the most incredible group of women (run by the beautiful, sensitive and wise Pascale Schroenn - click here to see her blog) who meet monthly to support, love, accept and hear each other.  I get a thrill whenever I think of their special place in my heart, my life, my growth and my own self-acceptance.

It is in groups, I believe, that we can let go of the idea that we are different, alien, weird and basically don't belong here on earth, in our communities, our families, our lives.

This is where we learn we are more similar than we are different.

This is where vulnerability and connection happen, with yourself first and then others.

It is where we start to feel safe enough to truthfully emerge from hiding and fully express ourselves with authenticity and an open heart.

I am so grateful to these magnificent beings in my life and to the one who guides us with such a gentle touch.

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