Friday, May 27, 2011

New tricks for this old dog!

At the ripe age of 41, I am learning how to play the guitar!  I have always found singing very soothing and my heart is literally physically affected when I listen to beautiful rich voices singing from their souls.  There lives so much soul in some people's expression, that I get a glimpse of human greatness - and I don't mean mind potential. I mean the massiveness of their presence.  When somebody sings from their toes, just to express themselves authentically, or plays the violin or dances in the same way, the room is filled with them.

Tracy Chapman rocks the authenticity prize!  She is a poet, social activist, artist and musician and has achieved so much coming from a poor background to the star she is today.  She sits in her greatness!  She isn't trying to be anyone else.  She is authentic power: emanating her truth and greatness.

And playing yourself, no matter how badly, just transports you to this place where doing stops and being begins. It cleanses you and opens your heart.  I can highly recommend it.

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  1. wow are you ever full of suprises Donna Ford! All strength to you and here 's to new tricks!