Monday, May 2, 2011

Now Now!

It is always such a relief to be in a state of grace, a state where I remember Who I Really Am, as Neale Donald Walsch would put it.  It is state where I watch myself - the observer.  It is the meditative place of calm where I identify with being much bigger than my physical body; more than my mind; and quietly, peacefully joyful.  I wish I could stay in this place forever but I am learning to love both polarities of being human: the Divine within and the Shadow Self.  Today is the start of 2 and a half weeks of the second night of the Mayan Calendar (   for more information).  This is a time of reflection and challenge of the "day" phase just prior where intentions are set and change happens.  The night is a time of testing these intentions.  So events and people will come up so that the new changes you have manifested will have opportunities for expression : a chance to be the change you wish to see. (Thanks Ghandi.) 

The difficulty for me is remembering that everything and everyone, including myself, is perfect in any given moment: Perfectly set up for the experience of being exactly who I am, where I am and with whom and what I am experiencing.  Resistance comes roaring up to the service motivated by the underlying belief that I am imperfect or broken or blemished or lacking in some way or that where I am is a mistake or less than right or what I am doing is lacking or wrong or less than expected. "I don't want to be this way, with these people in these circumstances!! It is not what I want!  I want more money, more perfect body, nicer legs, better boss, better house, nicer food, kinder friends, more loving parents,better car, happier children, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc....."  This is resistance, a pushing away of where you are, a dissatisfaction with what is.

But apparently, each experience is set up exactly the way we need it to be in order to remember that we are already amazing, perfect beings living on a planet of polarities.

The trick lies in not judging the shadow side as bad or wrong or less than. Why is being sick bad?  Its perfection may lie in the fact that your body needs rest and the illness forces you into bed for a time of quiet and reflection.  We can either resist it and force ourselves to go to work and get sicker and perform less or we could choose to surrender to the illness, honour exactly where we are and rest.  We may then experience nurturing from another or  have much needed solitude or have time to phone an old friend and reconnect - perfection in the moment.  Two shadow attributes that I have managed to see as perfect, instead of wrong, is jealousy and anger, emotions that I battled to express until I made this switch.  The emotion of jealousy teaches me about what I want or like, and anger teaches me about what I don't like or want.  So if I can see these traditionally suppressed, frowned-upon emotions as good for me, then I am seeing their perfection, how they best serve me in my experience.  It is life-changing!  So if I am jealous of someone's beautiful indoor plant, I might go and get one for myself or ask myself what I am really jealous of - maybe the fact that she has brought nature into her home and it feels welcoming so I would then go and do that in my home to satisfy that need.  If I am angry at myself for losing my temper at the kids for leaving a mess in the kitchen, I might teach them to stack the dishwasher and use that emotion of anger to resolve something that bothers me.  Please understand that I lived in denial of any "dark" emotion for nearly 40 years before coming in touch with and making friends with them.  These emotions are now guidance, gentle nudges from the universe to stay respectful and truthful to myself.  And when I do this, I remember Who I Really Am.

Recently, I have not been in that place.  I have been beating myself up because of all sorts of perceived failings: too fat, ugly, boring, lazy, unmotivated, unfriendly, unskilled, and the list goes on. (Okay, mainly "too fat" to do anything or be of any use or be loveable but that we will leave for another time.)  Until I read this from a little book called What is Lightbody? by Tahira Tachi-Ren, a channelled book from Archangel Ariel:

“Grace is the Divine force which allows you to make a complete break with the past in each NOW moment. We urge you sincerely: please do not process your “stuff” or try to “fix” yourself. The universe recreates itself around your pictures of reality, absolutely and impersonally. If you hold a picture of reality that there’s something wrong with you or that you need to be fixed, the universe will recreate around this ad nauseam. You’ll process stuff from this lifetime, every other lifetime you’ve ever had, and then you’ll start on other planets, and then you’ll process the planet itself! Please stop. The force of Grace is on this planet so that this is unnecessary. Please use it; it is your greatest asset…. If you catch yourself processing, please stop and call Grace. One of the patterns we’ve seen over and over on this planet is: If only I could fix ‘X’ in my life, then I could ascend or go to Light.” Well, I’ve got news for you. As long as you’re trying to fix yourself, you’re not going anywhere. You are now completely who you are: a vast multidimensional master in the various stages of Awake and Awakening. There is nothing to fix. It is simply a matter of opening, of awakening, of remembering, and of expressing. So, that’s the Ariel lecture. We’ve been known to beg people to stop doing this. We see so many of you Lightworkers struggling and getting bogged down in everything imaginable. It’s totally unnecessary and you don’t have time: this planet’s moving way too fast for you to process your karma and limitations. Karma is just the illusion of a karma game, and you’re leaving that behind. There is a difference between Gracing something and living in denial. This is not a call to deny different parts of your reality. When you have accessed different parts of the physical body’s consciousness or the human genetic consciousness, you are going to have a lot of things (like shame, guilt, fear, and despair) pour out of the body. We need to clear the human genetic consciousness. Processing this will take you forever, because you would process each lifetime separately – each human experience held in the collective human consciousness separately- and you constantly be dwelling in the past. Grace is always NOW. If you’re constantly participating with your Spirit in the NOW and Spirit leads you into the human genetic consciousness, you’ll express from the physical body’s realities. This is still under the force of Grace; it allows you to just let it go. Express it and move on. Processing keeps you constantly in the past, analyzing and extrapolating into the future. You are never NOW. Call in Grace.”  

And then the invocation for Grace that they are talking about above goes like this:

I call upon the Elohim of the Silver Ray
To pour Divine Grace through my bodies.
I call upon the Elohim of the Silver Ray
To release all karmic patterns,
To release all pockets of resentment,
That I may know Joy.
I call upon the Elohim of Grace
To fill my being with forgiveness,
To fill my life with gratitude,
And fill my heart with celebration.
I call upon the Elohim of the Silver Ray
To release my bindings of pettiness,
To break the yoke of hatred,
And free my soul.
I call upon the Elohim of Grace
To fill me with the Joy of Living –

Isn't it beautiful?  It really helps me and focuses my attention on the woods, rather than the trees. And to be in the moment, aware of absolute beauty within me, around me, above me and below me.  And I want to stay here forever: High on Life. Now. And Now. And Now. You get the picture.

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