Saturday, March 31, 2012


I am working through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  Whew! What a project to undertake.  It is not for the feint-hearted but rather the whole-hearted, as Brene Brown would call all those who live with courage, compassion, connection and vulnerability.  This is exactly what this process requires.  Julia Cameron's primary tool is The Morning Pages where the artist writes 3 pages of thoughts or "stream of consciousness" in her journal each morning - a relative mind-dump.  And then there are weekly tasks, one of which is to have regular Artist Dates with yourself : time spent doing inspirational things, whatever that is to you.  Today I googled.  And found many inspirational art to look at and marvel at and be inspired!

Grace Kotze
Anatomy of the Spirit
Oil on canvas

Gwenn Seemel
Potential Meal-Ticket
acrylic on canvas patchwork
 Limited edition Qalakabusha Sofa created by Ardmore Design Collection

Ardmore ceramic candlesticks


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  2. Hi Donna,
    Do not ask me how I landed on this page!...Somehow via Anne...just surfing the net :) I followed this book last year and loved the morning pages but struggled with keeping to the artist's date and actually taking myself out every week.. Enjoy!

  3. P.S: I removed my first comment because of that ugly exclamation mark - I couldn't figure out why my picture wasn't showing, so I tried again...and didn't know it would show that I removed... I'm relatively new to blogging...