Friday, July 11, 2014


The older I get the more I realise (and get evidence of) how similar we all are on the inside.  On the outside we project difference : Different clown suits, different clown faces, difference clown acts, giving out vibes of difference.  And, yes, we are all unique in our expression.


we are all cut from the same cloth of LOVE with the same basic needs and wants.

We want to love and be loved.

We want to express our unique set of talents and skills through work and play and relationships.  We want connection to each other and something beyond our physical lives; some may call it Love, others God, others ........buts is just language, another clown suit of apparent difference, representing an inner meaning that is the same.

We all want love.

We ARE love.

The ultimate miracle would be to remove all the clown paraphernalia and really see ourselves and each other this way, naked in our longing for love.

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