Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ordinary Courage

Today, I want to appreciate courage.  Ordinary courage.  The kind of courage it takes just to pitch up at a swimming lesson when you aren't that great at swimming and the coach doesn't take that much interest in you. The kind of courage it takes to go to a gala and swim in a race when you know you are the number 6 swimmer out of 7.

That's what my little 9-year old did a few days ago and I was in awe of his casual bravery.  He just pitched up and did it.  He didn't LOVE it. He wasn't passionate about it.  He certainly wasn't the best at it.  He didn't get much out of it, except that he is learning to swim better and stronger, a plus when you live at the coast.  And he gets to spend time with his new teammates at his new school.  Reaching out.  Vulnerable.  The New Kid.  No reputation to ride on.  No history.  No big brothers.  Just him.  Willing to be rejected.  Willing to fail.  Willing to be a fool.

And that is the essence of bravery.  Willing to kill the cool.

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  1. oh little man... beautiful words, made my heart melt! xxx