Sunday, August 25, 2013

Journey between lives - Dr Micheal Newton

Dr Micheal Newton ( doctor of counselling psychology and Master Hypnotherapist) wrote 2 books called Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls that I have read twice. (There are more.) He writes about case after case of what people experience when they die.  I find this very comforting to read as he is a scientist that never believed in life after death or any religion himself but stumbled across it in his work and he says the thing that made him believe was the consistency with which thousands of clients reported on what happened to them just after death and then between lives.  Their stories were all the same and paint a picture of our lives on earth and beyond that are practically spiritual.  And in this case, spiritual means that we are primarily spirits visiting earth in human suits for the purpose of figuring out the answers of questions we have forgotten.  We learn lessons and remember who we really are whilst living these physical lives.  There is no hell.  There is no judging, punishing God.  There is kindness, compassion, learning, patience, generosity, fun, joy and freedom.  And he says the 2 most common things that people experience when they die are a sense of freedom and joy!

Part 1 /5

Part 2 / 5

Part 3 /5

Part 4 /5

Part 5 / 5

And if you are inspired to read his books, they are : 

If you want peace of mind and an alternative way of looking at the world and the worlds beyond this, then this may be the key for you.

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