Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wiping the Mirror

It just occurred to me : affirmations state the truth of what is already there and helps us, over time and with repetition, to see and know that it was true all along.  Our negative lenses are replaced.  So in my practice of Abundance I repeat a phrase : "I am an abundant being, Living in an abundant world, All that I need and want for my Highest Good, Comes to me abundantly and generously with love and grace, And I gratefully receive it and gracefully accept it, So be it and so it is."  And this made me realise this morning that I am already abundant and rich in many things, including money. I am rich.  In this moment I have everything that I need.  Danielle laPorte says "your wealth - of which there are many definitions - will start to measure up to your notion of freedom."  I love it!

Julia Cameron calls the process of a recovering artist, in The Artist's Way, "wiping the mirror".  It was there all along.

And I also think that working in groups (as we do on The Joy Journey - my take on The Artist's Way) also serves to "wipe the mirror" as your truth is reflected in the others in your group.  It is a very powerful process that has the effect of helping you to engender a sense of belonging and acceptance of self that I have never witnessed in any other forum.

"When I first published The Artist's Way I hoped that Artist’s Way groups —“creative clusters” — would spring into being, where people would serve one another as believing mirrors, uniting with a common aim of creative unblocking.

Having a place where you can share, support, and celebrate each other provides artist-to-artist and heart-to-heart help. Success occurs in clusters and is born in generosity."  Julia Cameron
And so I am learning so much in hosting The Artist's Way groups and witnessing heart-opening, softening and kindness that is authentic validation of Life as it is meant to be lived : Kindly, gently realizing your worth and place in the world and the pure, shining beauty of your unique expression.

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