Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pottering at Potterage! (ahem, that's Pottery)

This year I started pottery classes with some of my favourite people in the world.  "Artists love artists", Julia Cameron says.  And she is not wrong.  We have a lovely time!

My very inspirational pottery teacher, Karina van Heerden, happened to turn 90 this year.  She is a force of nature. And her expression is passionately rooted in clay.

Under her very knowledgeable tutelage, I have managed to make a few things I like.  
This required having the humility and courage to become a beginner again.
Out of my comfort zone and with very thin skin, I didn't always love it but I love the expansive feeling of being creative. 

Clay is an interesting medium and one I am not familiar with so my discomfort, tightness and lack of trust are evident in my labours.

Although, I liked this one.  I carved a pattern I photographed off some fabric in a shop!

And I liked the roughness of this vase.

I had been longing for a funky quiche dish.

And I LOVE the shot of colour on the inside!  Thank you Roz!

I feel abundant and grateful.

My abundance corner.

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  1. I love your pottery Donna, and I love that figure with the heart in your abundance corner! (did you make that too?)