Saturday, November 9, 2013

Soulpancake Happiness Experiment

I have a dear friend, Laura, who is the only other person I know who loves Oprah as much as me and when she recommended I watch Rainn Wilson being interviewed by Oprah on Super Soul Sunday I knew it would be something worth watching.  Well, I was blown away.  He is an amazing man!  Rainn started:


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Okay, so now you know you are going to feel GOOD after watching this one on the Happiness and Gratitude link:

And this one on what love looks like  :


And Kindness:

I know, right? Feel better?  Good


  1. ahw Donna, I love you. Just finished watching all of these. I especially love the first video (it made me cry). and the last one... thank you my dear, and thank you Laura.

  2. Isn't it divine??? You can google some more - there are loads of them. xxx