Friday, November 29, 2013

The effect of gratitude

Soulpancake posted a video on the Science of Happiness and Gratitude where they tested the participants' level of happiness with a psychological test.  Then asked them to write a letter to the most influential people in their world, expressing their gratitude for their presence in their lives.  They thought this was the end of the experiment.  Gratitude had been expressed and their hearts felt full.  There were emotions. Some tears.

And then they asked them to phone the person and read the letter that they wrote to them.  Deep breath. And lots of love and gratitude.  And happiness.  (see video on previous blog)

They then challenged the viewers to do the same.  Look what this woman did:

So moving and heart opening, hey?  Do I dare do the same?

Hell yes!  (she said, brave and afraid at the same time)

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